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Rustico Cooking Recipe Index

Our interactive index containing all the recipes on our website... Just click on the title to see the recipe in its entirety. All of the recipes were written by Rustico Cooking founder Micol Negrin. Join us at our cooking school in NYC for day or evening hands-on cooking classes... Or host your very own private cooking party with us! Even more recipes are available in Micol's cookbook, The Best Pasta Sauces: Favorite Regional Italian Recipes, released by Ballantine Books (a division of Random House) in October 2014...

Regions of Italy and their recipes

The richness of Italian cuisine lies in its diversity. Regional foods and cooking styles vary widely across Italy. Local cooking preferences and customs are shaped by geographic, historical, and climactic differences: some regions are landlocked and mountainous, others hug the sea and are hilly; some regions have absorbed Arab or Greek influences, others have been marked by the French or Austrians; some regions live under the dazzling Mediterranean sun most of the year, others have cold winters, snow, fog, and harsh winds. This section explores each of the regions and their culinary traditions...

More on Italy's Regions