Redeem Your Gift Certificate

Redeeming your Gift Certificate

Did you receive a gift certificate that you want to redeem for a cooking class? Email us at or call us at 917 602 1519 and we will assist you.

Gift certificates have no monetary value - they can only be applied towards cooking classes at Rustico Cooking, copies of The Best Pasta Sauces cookbook, Rustico Cooking aprons, Rustico Cooking culinary tours to Italy, and a membership to Rustico Cooking's upcoming online video cooking site.

Reactivate your 3 year and older Rustico Cooking Gift Certificate

If you've had a gift certificate for more than 3 years, you will need to reactivate it so you can redeem it towards a class. The reactivation cost is calculated as per the table below, and depends on how long ago the gift certificate was purchased in months. The gift certificate has its full value for 1 year from the date it was purchased, then its value goes down by $1 a month after the 1 year mark. Each spot on a certificate is subject to the $1/mo decrease - if a certificate has 2 spots (initial value $220 or $240), then each spot on that certificate decreases by $1/mo. However we waive the $1 a month for certificates that are up to 3 years old. Therefore there is no reactivation fee needed for certificates that are 3 years or less. For gift certificates that are older than 3 years old, see the table below to determine its value and the reactivation fee.

Not sure how long ago you got your certificate? No problem: email us at and we'll check for you; we need to know your name, and the name of the person who bought it for you.

Certificate Age
Certificate Age
Certificate Value
(depends on month)
Reactivation Fee
(depends on month)
1 yearup to 12 monthsfull $0
2 yearup to 24 monthsfull minus $1 to $12 $0 (fee waived)
3 yearup to 36 monthsfull minus $13 to $24 $0 (fee waived)
4 yearup to 48 monthsfull minus $25 to $36 $25 to $36
5 yearup to 60 monthsfull minus $37 to $48 $37 to $48
6 yearup to 72 monthsfull minus $49 to $60 $49 to $60
7 yearup to 84 monthsfull minus $61 to $72 $61 to $72
8 yearup to 96 monthsfull minus $73 to $84 $73 to $84
9 yearup to 108 monthsfull minus $85 to $96 $85 to $96
10 yearup to 120 monthsfull minus $97 to $108 $97 to $108
11 yearup to 132 monthfull minus $109 to $120 $109 to $120