For 15 years (from 2005 to 2020) we held cooking classes at our Midtown Manhattan Cooking School a few blocks from the Empire State Building - click to see testimonials from participants of these classes here. NYC Hands-On Cooking Class Testimonials

Virtual Cooking Class Testimonials

Micol, Thank you so much for the most amazing class last Tuesday! I took it with my mom and sisters from our family beach vacation in the OBX and it was a highlight of our time together! We've all taken in-person classes with you before throughout the years, and we weren't sure how the virtual class would go, but it was so much better than we could have hoped for. Thank you for thinking creatively and providing opportunities like this. My mom and sisters live in NJ, and I live in NC, and we hadn't seen each other in 8 months. This was seriously a wonderful way to spend our time...and the meal was incredible. Thank you again. Tara, Cary NC
I want to thank you so very much for the super cooking class of Italian Comfort Food. My daughter from Toronto and I in British Columbia were able to share a unique and so professional class. Although I considered myself a good cook, I learned a lot from knife skills to scale skills and definitely the value of "mis en place". I was glad that I had prepped well as the time flew by. The food was delicious and my husband exclaimed that it was amazing. I am thrilled that I shall be joining you twice more! This could become a tradition for my daughter and I. Happy Thanksgiving! Fay, Victoria BC
My family gathered for a virtual cooking class and birthday celebration... it was hosted by Rustico Cooking, Micol Negrin and her husband Dino De Angelis who made cooking so easy. 12 couples all worked on line to making a most amazing meal of ricotta gnocchi with sage sauce, sweet and sour fish with olives and tomatoes Sicilian style, eggplant with mint and chocolate bread pudding with whipped cream. We did it all in a mere 90 minutes. Every dish was well thought through and delicious. It was fun to cook together, eat together and celebrate together in a fun social distancing way. Bravo to Micol and Dino!Judie, Brooklyn NY
I loved every bit of it... Even with the zoom technology you maintained a serious, but personal style with all the knowledge and sharpness of thought that we value so much in your classes... Your instructions were so clear, that I didn't have any problem with anything... Of course, I learned a lot from your commentary... I liked the chat system. You handled it very well--answering questions while continuing to prepare food.Anne, The Bronx NY
I loved your class yesterday! I also love the way you teach and the simplicity of the recipes... I look forward to cooking together again.Theresa, NYC
You are still the most awesome couple... The class was fantastic, oh my, everything we have taste-tasted is really reading our palate, we can't wait for dinner. Thank you, we'll keep in touch and hopefully join you next year to cook in Italy once again.George and Jo-Ann, Victoria BC
Thank you for a phenomenal experience. Our dinner was so delicious. I will definitely sign up for more classes. My whole family enjoyed the meal. Imagine my enjoyment when after a long day of work, I was transported back to Italy to enjoy the simple pleasures in life: food, family, and wine!Connie, St. Petersburg FL
You did it again! We really enjoyed the meal and my husband wants me to cook it again. Everything was wonderful. Just like the other classes everything was easy to make with so many things already in my pantry. Lee, Long Island, NY
We all really enjoyed your meal and the preparation of it Micol. And it all tasted SOOO good! Our foodie group and my 2 guests loved everything about the class and what you offered as well as the meal they got to enjoy. Marilyn, Victoria BC
Superb food and the Zoom was exceptional... the camera work was very good. Micol you have a very good presence on screen and are very good at going with the flow. Look forward to joining you on some future classes.Bob & Sally, Westport CT
To quote my husband: "Omg this is friggin awesome". Thanks for an amazing class!!!Diane, Sandy Hook CT
We enjoyed the experience very much and the meal was delicious. We shared the extra mousse with our upstairs tenants and they were in awe. It is always a pleasure to watch you and Dino work together, you are such a great team!Neil & Judie, Brooklyn NY

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We had such a great time at your class. Your cooking studio is beautiful. What I wouldn't give for one of those cooktops. I love the hands-on stuff. I wanted to jump in and do everything but did manage to contain myself. The class was so good. It was so well organized, yet relaxed which encourages everyone to participate. Your knowledge is awesome and enthusiasm infectious. Ron & Kathryn, Madison, WI
I was having the worst day at work, the weather gloomy, wet and cold. I missed my train, couldn't catch a cab once I finally made my train, and was soaking wet. I thought to myself, "Dianne, how are you ever going to enjoy this night of cooking with complete strangers"? Well, was I in for a surprise. I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful evening. It made my bleak day turn out to be truly wonderful. First of all, you are wonderful, warm, and truly a professional who so loves what you do! Not only was the class fun, educational and delicious, but I met the most amazing people! Micol, you have to admit, we had a great group! Do you know that I got a ride to Long Island with one of our group members, and they would not leave until I got in my car to make sure I was safe! Pretty amazing I think, it renews my faith in people. My first call was to my dear daughter, who gave me the gift. I could not thank her enough. I enjoyed it so much, it was the best gift ever! The menu was great but I couldn't believe how it all came together, and delicious is an understatement. Well, you have a fan my dear! And I will be back, so get ready for me. In fact, our group is planning to see you all together again... Dianne, Plainview, NY
Hi Micol and Dino, I enjoyed my three classes last week very much. Each class is different and I had great fun. Micol you are the best cooking teacher I've met. Not only talented, but full of passion and well organized. I'll definitely come again when I visit New York next time. Haojie, Abu Dhabi
I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful class on Tuesday night. John and I had so much fun cooking, learning and chatting with everyone. I learned a lot of great tricks and tips and I can't wait to get a potato ricer and make the gnocchi recipe again. You also made John, a first-time cook, feel comfortable in the kitchen and hopefully eager to try out his new skills at home! Afterwards, we both said the evening felt more like an evening in a friend's kitchen than a formal cooking class. We're looking forward to bringing some friends along to try another class sometime soon. Thank you again! Amy, NYC
Micol, Words cannot express our pleasure and enjoyment at our encounter with you and your staff on Friday, June 25. The evening was fantastic ... the food, wine and company were perfectly blended. Your teaching style is relaxed, entertaining, perfectly timed and completely professional. We were particularly interested to learn that you encourage people to experiment and vary recipes to suit their own personal tastes, unlike others that insist on a rigid set of ingredients and procedures. Anthony & Kathy, Westchester, NY
Just wanted to quickly drop a line to say how much I appreciated the super class we had today on beginner pasta making! Micol couldn't have been more organized, up, peppy, personal, or professional! There was no "down time" and she knows how to handle a three-ring circus! The class size is great, and she immediately makes each person feel at home by using their names (very important to me!) and insuring that everyone gets a chance to have plenty of hands-on experience! She also is comfortable with people asking questions along the way. Providing the printed recipes was also a bonus! The space is a wonderful workplace, and the reward of eating was the topper! Loved both of the wines as well! I will definitely be recommending Rustico to my friends and will be returning myself for another course! Ricky, NJ
Hi Micol. Just wanted to send you a thank you note. My staff and I had an awesome time last Friday. The cooking event was fun, interactive and the food was delicious. I am only sorry that I think you spoiled me for life. I don't think I will ever be able to eat regular lasagna again or for that matter will not be able to eat regular pasta ever again unless it is homemade pasta. Both you and Dino were awesome and I really love what you do. Maribel, NYC
Dear Micol & Dino, Just a note to say how much my daughter, Caitlin, and I enjoyed your class. This is the third class we have taken with you and, just like the others, we loved it! I've already made three of the pasta dishes from last week's class for my family. Needless to say each one was a big hit! Looking forward to taking another of your classes. Thank you for such an enjoyable cooking experience! Jasmyn, NY
Hey guys, you are both terrific. It is always good to see you. Lunch, which will be on my hips for a few more days was wonderful. You make it a "no fail" day for everyone. It is hard not to learn a lot. We will do it more often. Thanks for being so kind to 85-year-old Liz who has been making pasta for a ton of years and learned something. Carole, PA
I attended this Monday's Autumn in Milan... I am dreaming of that dessert right now and want to make it at home asap. Loved the whipped cream. Overall, the class was great. I will definitely tell my friends about it. Thank you for feeding us with your knowledge and being so patient. It was so much fun! All the best and will definitely be buying one of your books. Camille, NYC
Micol, A huge thank you for accommodating my husband Len and I on Friday night. We are still blown away by your amazing approach to teaching. You're wonderful! The selection of ingredients + flavors + techniques revived my deep love for Italian cooking. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, the company of others in attendance, wine selection and I'm already planning a repeat experience (perhaps with my culinary-focused sister and dad)! With a gift certificate we've been holding onto for too many years, it was about time that we found your amazing cooking school. We are so appreciative for accepting our gift certificate after all of this time. Sarina & Len, NYC
Thank you so much for a great class. I learned several extremely helpful tips. You made ravioli making so much easier. I love your cooking style which is very professional but not intimidating. Your work space is incredible and your organization is over the top. I will come back and recommend your classes to friends. Maria, NYC
DELIZIOSISSIMA! That's how our "essentials of Southern Italian Cooking" dinner tasted after our hand-on cooking class at Rustico Cooking in NYC. There were about 18 of us in this easy-going, fun class with Chef and owner Micol Negrin. We made fresh cavatelli pasta by hand with sausage ragu -- the ragu cooked s-l-o-w on stovetop for about an hour and a half. This spacious loft and well-appointed kitchen is the perfect place to learn. We also made chicken piccata in lemon and white wine; broccoli raab and parmigiano bread pudding; roasted eggplant/zucchini/peppers. But the best part were the little individual cheesecakes with a buttery almond-brown sugar crust. That ricotta cheesecake was so light and fluffy, you would have thought it was a little cloud from heaven! We had a lot of laughs but learned a lot too. Like why you should add a little milk to your ragu sauce and when to add your aromatics to a dish... and other smart tricks... What a great evening.Mary & Barry, NYC
Dear Micol and Dino, I attended your class last night (Essentials of Southern Italian Cooking) with my sister Lauren, and from both of us to both of you, we had a blast. It was my second class at Rustico and I honestly can't think of a better way to spend an evening. The food was amazing (we can't wait to try it again) and the class was a real joy. So many thanks again. We'll continue to spread the word about what a great time you offer. Dave, NYC
Dear Micol, My father, Vincent, and I had such a wonderful day yesterday at Rustico. Vincent is of Calabrian ancestry (my grandfather lived there until in his 20's) and I believe one of the best Italian chefs! But, I could see his excitement as he learned many new things from you. Thank you so very much for a great day... We'll be back!!! Susan, NJ
Aloha! Micol and Dino, Just wanted to drop a note of thanks for a fabulous time at your cooking class on Saturday. My sister Nalani and I are back on the island and ready to put our learning to use. We sure enjoyed the entire cooking experience and meeting new people. As a restaurant owner, Nalani couldn't get over how clean and organized your studio was. We will definitely be back. Mahalo for being part of our NY experience. Ke Aloha Nui (Lots of love)! Lisa Ann & Nalani, Hawaii
Hi Micol - My friend Iris and I took your seafood class this past Monday. I just wanted to say that the experience @ your school was thoroughly lovely. Both you and Dino are very nice and warm people and that made everyone comfortable that evening - Iris and I really had a blast. Plus we learned something to boot. Again - thank you for a lovely and delicious evening - hope to see you again. Laurie, NYC
My mom, sister and I enjoyed the class very much. You are not only a great chef but you are so well spoken with a casual, inviting disposition. We plan on joining you again in the future. Wishing you all the best and much continued success. Francesca, NJ
Dear Dino & Micol ~ Thanks so much for the absolutely, positively great time we (Jeanne & Nancy) had at Rustico Cooking School. It was definitely the highlight of our trip to NYC. We haven't used our newly acquired skills yet (you might remember that I stated my goal is to eat out every night), but we are planning a party that will feature some of your recipes.....and no, I am not making any filled pasta. I really thank you for some of the great ideas and getting me to look at things a little differently... Nancy, NC
Micol and Dino, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your classes. I definitely learned alot. You made it all look so easy. I was impressed with your knowledge, organization and especially with your patience handling that many people. Thank you so much. I hope there will be another opportunity to attend future classes. Jeanne, NC
Hello Micol, I attended the Milanese Italian Feast on 12/8. I had a great time... I made the focaccia and was pleasantly surprised how well it turned out. I still need a little work on the bread but you got rid of my fear of yeast. LOL... You made everything seem so easy. It was a delicious meal and a memorable experience. Marnita, NJ
Hi Micol, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your class last night. Food was fabulous! I spent many hours with my Italian mom and grandmother, now passed. Cooking in our kichen was always an education and tradition with a lot of love & laughs. This class reminded me of those many happy memories... especially when you spoke so endearingly about your mom and her recipes!! Thank you again for your expertise and guiding hand. Frances, NY
Thank you Micol, Dino and staff! My son (Andrew) and I had the best time Friday night at your Ten Best Pasta Sauces Class. I love, love, love every recipe. It is amazing how you can facilitate a kitchen. I already ordered the cavatelli maker. I can't wait to make them. Being from italian descent, it is fascinating how you did a modern spin on basic italian techniques. Thanks again. I am looking forward to doing it again. Joanna, NY
I recently took my 1st class at Rustico. I am an avid foodie and love to cook. Micol's class was a very fun cooking experience and quite informative. I personally learned a few great cooking tips and came away with a menu I have since duplicated, and gotten great reviews! Micol is a very knowledgeable, experienced chef who also has the ability to teach well. She gets all the students involved which is so important. I have been to other cooking classes where the teacher demonstrates and students mostly watch. (Not here). Everyone gets involved in the meal. The class concludes with everyone sitting and enjoying the meal we all just prepared, with wine that has been chosen to compliment the dishes. I cannot to wait to return and learn more. Vivian, NJ
Hi Micol, I took your pasta class yesterday and I'm really excited to get started on the cavatelli... I really want to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed your class. You are an amazing teacher and your organizational skills are astounding. I'm looking forward to taking another class soon and learning how to make more of your amazing food. Kim, Tenafly, NJ
Dear Micol & Dino, What an interesting and delightful evening, thank you both. All 10 dishes [pasta sauces] were great, tasty, and mostly pretty simple to prepare. Also, you two are very cute together, and really know how to make people feel comfortable. It was very enjoyable. Much appreciated. Frank, NYC
Hello Micol and Dino, I just wanted to say thanks and tell you me and my mother had an awesome time! The way everything was set up as far as cooking and learning was great, fun, and simple. As soon as we arrived we felt welcomed, it was a very friendly environment and an overall great experience and to top the night off delicious food! My mom had a blast as did I! We definitely look forward to seeing you in the future. Anthony, Hopewell JCT, NY
I just want you to know I absolutely LOVED the class on Saturday. I have conquered 2 of my cooking fears, pasta and b├ęchamel sauce! Since I worked from home today due to the bad weather, I took a break and made fettucine!! It looks awesome and really was so easy I really don't know what my fear was. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. Claire, Morristown, NJ
If taking your classes means learning how to make the best tiramisu ever and chopping garlic with a big bang using the knife, then... I have learned so much. What is your secret on how to make your students feel like they were just in their own kitchen with long time friends? My sister and I are still arguing on who should stir the risotto for this Sunday's family get together. She assigned me to do the tiramisu without forgetting not to soak the lady fingers longer than just a quick dip. We enjoyed your class immensely. She also said it was the best birthday gift I ever gave her! How's that for a beginner of Italian cooking??? Juliet, NYC
I just wanted to say thank you for a great evening... My sister and I had a wonderful time. Your studio is beautiful and I will definitely be back again for more classes. Alison, Hoboken, NJ
I enjoyed your class so much. You are a natural teacher. Your gentle and encouraging manner puts everyone at ease, gives them confidence in their abilities and makes everyone want to participate. Your recipes are delicious and I know now within my range. All of us agreed how much fun we had and how much we learned. We felt as if we were in our friend's kitchen and that we knew you for years. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us. I know you'll see us again soon. Bridgett, NYC
Classes with Micol are so much more than cooking and eating. She's become a part of the extended family that nurtures us and our relationship. We feel like she's in the kitchen with us, even when we're in our own home. April and Jim B., NYC
It was a great experience for me to take your cooking classes. I learned a lot! I will try your recipes here in Tokyo. Micol, your are a great chef and teacher... Hope some day, you will come to visit Japan to teach. Seiko, Tokyo, Japan
Bellissimo! Micol is a gem among chefs! She has a way of putting everyone at ease with the knife and fire. From the most experienced foodie to the trepidacious new cook, everyone learns something from Micol Negrin. The Rustico Cooking Studio is perfectly designed for a fun evening of chopping, dicing, cooking and presenting great Italian regional cooking. Sharing the meal was another highlight. It was far better than going to a restaurant for dinner. The people we met were so interesting, from all over the country. For those of us who cannot attend every one of her Italian cooking adventures yet, her classes in New York are the next best thing. My husband, who is learning to be an excellent sous chef, is enamored with Micol's style and wonderful cultural inclusions in her cookbooks. Regional rustic cooking is that which engages the very soul and taste buds in all of us. It takes us to a place that is far from fast food and brings us closer to the sea, the earth and those who cultivate both. Micol's wine resources are delightful and they are perfectly matched with her regional recipes. If you are going to New York or if you live there, do NOT miss a class at Rustico! Micol is sure to be in the culinary spotlight even more in the upcoming seasons and having the opportunity to be at her side cooking may be a privilege that will be sought after by hoards of fans. I have cooked in much of Italy and Micol's recipes are genuine and sometimes quite original. She knows her subject matter in a way that few cooks do. Take advantage of the moment and get as many of her classes under your belt before that happens! I am planning on it all the way from Chicago. Devany, Chicago, IL
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful class last week. You made everything so much fun (not to mention, beautiful and tasty!). Before going to the class, I was a little afraid that I would feel a little overwhelmed; however, I felt sooo comfortable under your guidance. I even cooked this weekend! Sarah, NYC
Absolutely delightful is the way I described last night's class to my girlfriend. I had the best time; I think we all did. What a splendid class! What splendid food! Truly, it was the best in my experience. I'll be back for more. Charlie, NYC
I loved the cooking class and will definitely go back!! I loved the interactive format of the class, the fact that we all had a chance to participate in the preparation of every dish on the menu - it was a good venue!! Heather, NYC
Thank you for a lovely evening. It was really a wonderful class- you made us all feel so comfortable and at ease. I truly enjoyed the experience and even more having an amazing dinner....I was very impressed with what we were able to accomplish! Howard, NYC
Hope to attend your classes again in New York. Your class was a very interesting history lesson as well as a lesson in techniques and flavor combinations. Jerry, Glendora, CA