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Rustico Cooking Classes

Join one of our hands-on cooking classes in the heart of NYC, at Degustibus Cooking School at Macy's Herald Square: we have a Fresh Pasta Workshop on March 28 at 12 pm and Italian Cooking for Beginners on April 18 at 12 pm. More classes will be added soon!

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Fresh Pasta Workshop Saturday March 28 @ 12 pm


Italian Cooking for Beginners Saturday April 18 @ 12 pm


Puglia Culinary Tour May 24-30


Tuscany Culinary Tour June 9-15

More classes to be added soon!

About Our Cooking Classes

Rustico Cooking classes are perfect for individuals, couples and small groups... Some classes feature an entire menu from appetizer to dessert; others focus on a specific technique or ingredient (Pizza, Pasta, Seafood, etc...). After the cooking is done, sit down and enjoy the dishes you cooked, with specially selected wines.

Client Reviews

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful class on Tuesday night. John and I had so much fun cooking, learning and chatting with everyone. I learned a lot of great tricks and tips and I can't wait to get a potato ricer and make the gnocchi recipe again. You also made John, a first-time cook, feel comfortable in the kitchen and hopefully eager to try out his new skills at home! Afterwards, we both said the evening felt more like an evening in a friend's kitchen than a formal cooking class. We're looking forward to bringing some friends along to try another class sometime soon. Thank you again! Amy, NYC

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About Our Culinary Tours in Italy

We take groups to Italy on week-long culinary tours to various regions. Our aim is to immerse tour participants fully in the regional cuisine, savor local specialties, meet food artisans, and learn authentic Italian cooking at our daily hands-on cooking classes. Tours focus on visiting smaller destinations, eschewing large tourist centers in favor of small gems where one can really feel part of the fabric of Italian life.

Tour dates and locations for 2020:

New Tuscany Tour Video

Fresh Pasta Workshop: Spring Edition -

This is your chance to learn to make three different (and very delicious) regional Italian pastas: the lightest Ricotta gnocchi from Emilia-Romagna, delicious with a vibrant tomato and roasted pepper sauce; cheese-and-basil-filled ravioli tossed with a delicate herb-infused butter, a specialty of Liguria; and rustic homemade cavatelli from Basilicata, tossed with sausage and broccoli raab, generously dusted with Pecorino Romano. You'll not only learn to make, roll out, and shape the dough for these three very different pastas, you'll participate in preparing the sauce for each so you can recreate these three delectable first courses at home for family and friends. After the cooking is done, we'll sit for a pasta-lover's feast, accompanied by fabulous wines and a refreshing green salad to cleanse the palate. And since no meal is really complete without dessert, we'll indulge in crunchy almond biscotti and some freshly brewed espresso.

$129 pp | Fresh Pasta Workshop: Spring Edition | Saturday March 28, 12PM to 3PM

Techniques Learned:

Italian Cooking for Beginners -

Although we designed this class with beginner cooks in mind, the techniques we'll be covering are so basic and so important to Italian cooking that anyone who enjoys Italian cuisine is sure to learn something new. We'll start off by making fresh egg pasta; We've devised a special formula that is foolproof and yields consistently delicious results, no matter what shape of pasta you're craving... it's all about which flour you use and how many eggs you add to your dough. We'll cook a perfect ragu sauce for our pasta, and there's a key to success here too, one that many advanced home cooks often skip, with disappointing results. As a main course, we'll brown chicken cutlets, top them with cheese and Prosciutto, and finish them in the oven as we create a flavorful pan sauce with Marsala wine. Broccoli is first blanched, then roasted with garlic and chili to make a refreshing accompaniment for the chicken; sweet red baby potatoes are roasted until they are crispy on the outside and creamy within, then showered with fresh chives and a hint of smoked paprika (these potatoes are so ridiculously good that we promise you'll be making them time and again!). And for dessert, we'll share our ultimate recipe for tiramisu with you... it's so good, you'll never be able to eat the store-bought stuff again.

$129 pp | Italian Cooking for Beginners | Saturday April 18, 12PM to 3PM

Techniques Learned:

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The Best Pasta Sauces Cookbook

Add a copy of "The Best Pasta Sauces: Favorite Regional Italian Recipes" to your cooking class purchase ... You will receive a signed copy upon arriving at the class! Note that we do not ship the books.

Micol's third cookbook "The Best Pasta Sauces: Favorite Regional Italian Recipes" was published in October 2014 by Ballantine Books (a division of Random House). This 256-page book is filled with gorgeous color photography, 80 recipes for regional Italian pasta sauces, fool-proof techniques, and entertaining anecdotes... It is sure to become a favorite on your cookbook shelf. You can order copies from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Indiebound, or you can purchase from us to pick up in class!

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General Information & Cancellation Policy - Cooking Classes

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WHERE TO GO: Classes are held at Degustibus Cooking School at Macy's Herald Square, 8th Floor, at 151 West 34th Street, New York City.

WHAT TO BRING: We supply all ingredients, tools, and, of course, recipes... Aprons are the only item NOT supplied. You can bring an apron if you like, or you can purchase a handsome embroidered apron for $20.

WHAT TO WEAR: Flat shoes and comfortable clothing are required for your safety and comfort. Please avoid high heels and loose sleeves.

CHECK-IN TIME: Check in starts 15 minutes before class start time.

ONLINE PAYMENT: The easiest way to reserve a class is to pay online using the "Add to cart" buttons (quick, easy, & secure). Within 24 hrs you will get a reservation confirmation via email; we will ask for a phone number - Please note that the telephone numbers are not used for solicitation or marketing, they are only for reaching clients in the unlikely event that a class that they have signed up for needs to be rescheduled.

PAYMENT BY PHONE: You can also call 917-602-1519 and we will take your reservation.

REDEEMING A GIFT CERTIFICATE: Email us indicating the class that you want to join, and the name of the person that gave you the certificate(s). We will then email you back letting you know whether a balance is due and whether there is space in the class you want to attend. You can also call 917-602-1519 in order to redeem your gift certificate.

CANCELLATION POLICY: We require a minimum of 1 week advance notice to reschedule a cooking class (and a minimum of 3 weeks advance notice for groups of 4 or more). Without sufficient advance notice as requested above, if you cannot make it to a scheduled cooking class, you can send someone else to attend that same class. No refunds and no credits to other products are applicable.

WINTER WEATHER CONDITIONS: The same cancellation policy applies during November through April, when snowfall and other inclement weather conditions are a possibility. If Broadway shows are on, classes at Rustico Cooking are on. If you live outside of NYC and are concerned about winter weather conditions hindering your transportation to the city, we suggest you do not reserve a winter cooking class.