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Join us for our interactive virtual cooking classes from the comfort of your kitchen! Click image for a short video from a recent virtual class.

Micol and Dino will be your hosts (for more about us, click here). Together we'll cook an authentic Italian menu, perfecting essential techniques, learning to make focaccia, gnocchi, and other Italian favorites before enjoying a fabulous meal.

Classes last 90 minutes and start with a meet and greet, followed by hands-on cooking. Classes are small and intimate, and no question will go unanswered. After the cooking is done, we'll go over any additional questions or techniques.

A few days after class, we'll email you a link so you can access the class video.

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Virtual Cooking Classes

Thursday January 7 at 6 pm:
Taste of Southern Italy

  • Drunken chicken with fennel
  • Broccoli raab and parmigiano bread pudding
  • Sweet white wine taralli cookies

Regular Admission: $48 | With Membership: first class free, additional classes $24

One Free class with premium membership

Kick off the new year with a menu that transports you to southern Italy with every bite. We'll start off by braising chicken until it's supremely tender and imbued with the aroma of fennel and wine (the trick is in the herb marinade we'll rub onto the meat before cooking). Savory bread puddings are a revelation; you can add whatever vegetable or cheese you fancy to the bread and egg custard base to create a succulent side dish or vegetarian main course, and our favorite version is the one we'll share tonight, combining garlicky broccoli raab with nutty parmigiano. And for dessert, we'll bake crunchy, crumbly, sweet olive oil biscotti called taralli; our recipe is from a centuries-old olive oil mill in Puglia we visited a few years ago on one of our culinary tours. How Virtual Cooking Classes Work

Saturday January 16 at 6 pm:
Winter Comfort Food

  • Pasta with sausage, cherry tomatoes, and ricotta
  • Cauliflower gratin with smoked mozzarella and bacon
  • Best ever panna cotta

Regular Admission: $48 | With Membership: first class free, additional classes $24

One Free class with premium membership

We can all use a little comfort these days, and this menu delivers a lot of comfort with little prep time. We'll cook sausage with garlic, cherry tomatoes, and herbs to create a quick and flavorful sauce for pasta; we love cavatelli with this chunky sauce, but orecchiette or penne work beautifully too. We'll share our trick for the most addictive roasted cauliflower ever; leftovers are great chopped up and tossed with pasta as a lazy main course. And for dessert, what could be more comforting than creamy, spoonable panna cotta? Our take on panna cotta takes minutes to make, calls for just 4 ingredients, and is sure to become an instant favorite in your home. How Virtual Cooking Classes Work

Wednesday January 20 at 6 pm:
New Tuscan Feast

  • Branzino with rosemary-scented chickpea sauce
  • Smashed baby potatoes with chives and smoked paprika
  • Sweet orange and olive oil cake

Regular Admission: $48 | With Membership: first class free, additional classes $24

One Free class with premium membership

Until our trips to Tuscany are back on the schedule, let's take a virtual culinary journey together with this brand new menu. If you're intimidated by the idea of cooking fish, you'll love our foolproof recipe for tender branzino (Mediterranean sea bass) served with a subtly aromatic chickpea sauce (the pairing may sound odd, but we assure you, it's elegant and delicious). Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside roasted potatoes are heavenly alongside the fish. And for dessert, we'll make a moist, delicate, citrus-scented olive oil cake; if you've never baked a sweet cake with olive oil, this recipe will make you rethink many of your old standby recipes. How Virtual Cooking Classes Work

Thursday January 28 at 6 pm:
Northern Italian Feast

  • Risotto with roasted butternut squash and sage
  • Chicken with prosciutto and provolone in Marsala glaze
  • Baked chocolate custard

Regular Admission: $48 | With Membership: first class free, additional classes $24

One Free class with premium membership

We designed this menu with a few goals in mind. First off, we want to give you all the techniques and knowledge you need to turn out perfect risotto every time. We also want you to learn the tricks to building a delicious wine reduction sauce. And finally, we want to offer you an easy, nearly hands-off dessert that tastes as good as a dessert that takes hours of work. Join us for this class and learn to make creamy roasted butternut squash risotto, tender chicken cutlets topped with prosciutto and provolone in a heady marsala wine glaze, and the most decadent chocolate-studded custard you'll ever bake. How Virtual Cooking Classes Work

Saturday February 6 at 12 pm:
Bake Authentic Italian Pizza in Your Oven

  • Foolproof pizza dough recipe
  • Yeasted and sourdough pizza dough variations
  • Pizza margherita
  • Pizza bianca with roasted vegetables

Regular Admission: $48 | With Membership: first class free, additional classes $24

One Free class with premium membership

This is a class you can't miss if you want to learn to bake perfect, crispy-edged, light, flavorful pizza in your own oven. We'll show you how to knead the dough, how to round it into a ball, how to stretch it into a disk, how to top it two ways (white with summer vegetables and herbs; and margherita style), how to set up your oven, then we'll bake the pizza off in time for lunch. Making good pizza at home is a very satifying achievement, and once you've learned the technique, you can make all kinds of delicious homemade breads just by tweaking the basic recipe. For best results, we suggest you buy a baking steel or baking stone in advance of class: our two favorites steels are Conductive Square Steel and Pizzacraft; our two favorites stones are Pizzacraft and Cook N Home. Steels and stones transfer an amazing amount of heat efficiently to the bottom of your pizza crust and allow it to cook through quickly and puff up beautifully. (If you don't own or wish to buy a stone or steel, you can bake your pizza on a preheated sturdy baking sheet instead with good results.) Good yeast is also a must unless you want to try your hand at our sourdough recipe; the yeast we recommend is SAF Instant. One word of caution: the pizza you'll bake at home using our recipe and technique will make it hard for you to enjoy pizza anywhere else! How Virtual Cooking Classes Work

Here's what some class participants said after they took our virtual pizza class:

"MY GOD that pizza... honestly, I could cry. I have never been able to find it as good here and to know I can make it myself is truly a gift!! My pizza turned out sooo great ... I made 3 of them yesterday with the dough and each one tasted just like what I have in Italy, and what I can never find here. My boyfriend was so impressed and couldn't stop eating it. Thanks for all the great tips - so excited I can make this myself now, and it wasn't hard at all." Rebecca E., CA

"My compliments on a life-changing class today. It was completely engaging from beginning to end and the explanation of sourdough was captivating. All I want to do is bake!" Anne D., IN

"I loved the pizza class last Saturday - it was very informative. Everyone (10 people) at my sister's beach house really enjoyed the pizza when they returned from the beach." Sue C., NJ

"Wow, Micol, Today's class was phenomenal! As always, you pour so much wisdom and knowledge and heart into each class, and we are very appreciative! Our pizzas turned out fabulously... we made our second round of pizzas yesterday, and the kids love it so much they want it to be a weekly thing. So very good!!" Tara S., NC

"Thank you for the great class, we enjoyed every minute. The pizza was yummy and I look forward to more classes and cooking your wonderful recipes. Your patience is endless." Eileen G., FL

"Making the best pizza thanks to you and your class! Bernadette F., NC

"I made pizza tonight. The first time without you there to help. I was so happy with the way it turned out. Now I'll order a stone and peel." Barbara G., FL

"Micol! We loved your cooking class. You are so knowledgeable. Tonight we used our second batch of dough for pizza and it came out even better than the first. Our 7 year old was so proud to be part of the process and create her own pizza that she just loved!" Genna G., NY

Thursday February 11 at 6 pm:
Italian Comfort Food

  • Cavatelli with roasted mushrooms, asparagus, and goat cheese
  • Tuscan-style chickpeas with spinach and tomatoes (Sausage optional for non-vegetarians)
  • Our favorite walnut cake

Regular Admission: $48 | With Membership: first class free, additional classes $24

One Free class with premium membership

This menu offers comfort food at its best: a rich pasta with the woodsy aroma of mushrooms and the earthiness of roasted asparagus, chickpeas braised until tender with silky spinach, and a sweet, moist cake spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg (plus two secret ingredients!) that will have you sneaking back to the kitchen for seconds. Aside from the delicious flavors, the great thing about this menu is that its components can be made in advance or tweaked to create easy meals for lazy days. The creamy goat cheese and Parmigiano sauce for the pasta is so good that you’ll want it on crostini, polenta, even mashed potatoes. The chickpeas can be cooked with extra chicken stock to make a soothing soup the following day, or mashed and served on grilled bread; meat eaters can add sweet or spicy Italian sausage to make a heartier main course. And the cake can be frozen if there are any leftovers (although that’s doubtful), or baked into cupcakes if you prefer smaller treats. How Virtual Cooking Classes Work

Sunday February 14 at 12 pm:
Venetian Valentine's Brunch

  • Bellini (Prosecco and Peach Nectar)
  • Shaved fennel, radicchio, Parmigiano, and walnut salad
  • Linguine, shrimp, and peas in saffron-cream sauce
  • Drunken raisin cake

Regular Admission: $48 | With Membership: first class free, additional classes $24

One Free class with premium membership

Join us for our first ever virtual Valentine’s Day cooking class and cook an elegant Italian meal with the one you love. We’ll start off by mixing a traditional Venetian aperitif, and as we sip our Bellini, we’ll whip up a memorable meal that features the classic flavors of Venice. First up, a colorful salad with slivered radicchio and thinly sliced fennel, embellished with walnuts and Parmigiano. Our main course: a gorgeous pasta that brings together the best of land and sea, with sweet peas and succulent shrimp mingling in a light, saffron-scented cream sauce. And for dessert, we’ll share our secret recipe for a soft, buttery cake laced with rum-soaked raisins. How Virtual Cooking Classes Work

Tuesday February 23 at 6 pm:
Classic Italian Country Cooking

  • Handmade ricotta gnocchi in sage butter
  • Chicken in balsamic-honey glaze
  • Best-ever almond shortbread cookies

Regular Admission: $48 | With Membership: first class free, additional classes $24

One Free class with premium membership

This menu will ensure you master three essential techniques: making fresh ricotta gnocchi, building a balanced and rich balsamic glaze, and baking tender almond cookies. We’ll show you how to make foolproof ricotta gnocchi, rolling the dough out into perfect logs and shaping the gnocchi easily and quickly, then toss our freshly boiled gnocchi with a sage-infused butter sauce. We’ll cook chicken to perfection and serve it with a restaurant-worthy balsamic glaze of our own making. And as a sweet finale, we’ll take you through all the steps needed to bake buttery, crumbly, delicate almond cookies dusted with a veil of icing sugar. How Virtual Cooking Classes Work

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Gift Certificates for Virtual Cooking Classes

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How it Works: Kitchen Sync

After you register for a class, we'll email you an invitation to sign in to our portal. The portal is a private area of the website for class participants which contains useful information pertaining to the cooking class you reserved: shopping list, equipment list, recipes, helpful videos showing how to prepare specific ingredients in advance of the class (when required) as well as the zoom meeting link. This way we will be on the same page and Kitchen Sync'ed by the time the class starts... Are you registered? use your information and access the portal

Pricing: The cost is $48 per device. We can also host a private virtual class for you and your friends or colleagues; email us with your target class date and time, group size, and preferred menu from those outlined below, and we'll be happy to set up a private class.

TWO-FOR-ONE SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Buy one spot and invite a friend to join the same class for FREE from their own kitchen. It's a great gift idea and a fabulous way to catch up with someone you haven't seen in a while.

Cancellation: If you need to reschedule your class, we require a minimum of 72 hours notice to apply credit to a future class. If you can't make it to class with less than 72 hours notice, we'll email you a link so you can watch the recorded class.

Prefer to watch only? You can opt out of cooking alongside us and just watch, take notes, and learn.

Advance Prep

You should plan on about 1 hour of prep time before class to set up your ingredients and equipment. We'll be on Zoom 10 minutes before class, available by chat if you have questions regarding prep, equipment issues, or possible ingredient substitutions. Some menus require more prep than others (including measuring and chopping, to allow for more time spent on complex techniques like rolling out fresh pasta, etc); others will have you doing all the chopping and measuring with us, since the recipes are simpler. This will all be indicated clearly on the email we send when you register.

Before class begins, make sure you have all your ingredients and equipment ready. Set up your tablet or computer where it's visible but out of the way, and take a moment to become familiar with the various functions on Zoom (chat, gallery view, mute on or off, video on or off, etc) before class starts. Then join us on Zoom, logging in with the name you signed up with online.

What You'll Need

A Laptop, Smart Phone, or Tablet

With a webcam, microphone, and internet access so you can see us and we can see you. For tablet and cell phone users, we suggest this flexible gooseneck stand - (or this identical one - we have one of each and cannot tell them apart!) it keeps the tablet out of your precious counter space...


We'll provide a detailed shopping list (including favorite brands and possible substitutions when applicable) after you register. Most items will be available at your local market. You'll find many of the items on your shopping list are likely already in your pantry or fridge (salt, pepper, sugar, flour, olive oil, butter etc). We'll happily provide suggestions for substitutions to accommodate various dietary needs by email.

Basic Equipment

Most menus require basic cooking implements (chef's knife, cutting board, bowls, tongs, spatulas, skillets, saucepans, whisk, strainer, etc), and we will provide a detailed list of these when you reserve. If you don't own a scale, we strongly suggest you buy one for greater accuracy when measuring; we like this $30 scale from Oxo and this $15 one from Tenergy.

What You'll Get

Fully Interactive, Hands-On Instruction

Just as in our live, hands-on cooking classes, you'll receive individual attention and personalized instruction from Micol and Dino. We use multiple cameras to provide different angles and close ups of key steps, so you can better learn a technique, as though you were right in the kitchen with us.

Authentic Recipes

Each class features recipes we have perfected over twenty years of teaching Italian cooking to thousands of students. Micol has written three cookbooks (including Rustico: Regional Italian Country Cooking, which was nominated for a James Beard award; read more about us here) so you can be sure our recipes are tried and true, authentic, and delicious.

A Memorable Meal

Once the cooking is done, you'll be able to savor a fabulous meal in the comfort of your home. Recipes are scaled to serve 2 people (desserts serve 6 to 8) but you can double up when shopping and prepping if you want to feed a larger group or have leftovers to enjoy when class is over.

Access to an Exclusive Website for Class Members Only

After you register, we will email you a link to register to our exclusive portal, a members-only website that features class recipes, prep notes, and technique videos specific to the class you reserved. You can ask questions (food substitutions, allergies etc...) using the portal's pivate messaging functions. There is a public messaging area where you can post photos of your finished dishes. And a few days after class, we will upload the class video to the portal so you can watch again whenever you feel like it!

Client Reviews

Micol, Thank you so much for the most amazing class last Tuesday! I took it with my mom and sisters from our family beach vacation in the OBX and it was a highlight of our time together! We've all taken in-person classes with you before throughout the years, and we weren't sure how the virtual class would go, but it was so much better than we could have hoped for. Thank you for thinking creatively and providing opportunities like this. My mom and sisters live in NJ, and I live in NC, and we hadn't seen each other in 8 months. This was seriously a wonderful way to spend our time...and the meal was incredible. Thank you again. Tara, Cary NC
I want to thank you so very much for the super cooking class of Italian Comfort Food. My daughter from Toronto and I in British Columbia were able to share a unique and so professional class. Although I considered myself a good cook, I learned a lot from knife skills to scale skills and definitely the value of "mis en place". I was glad that I had prepped well as the time flew by. The food was delicious and my husband exclaimed that it was amazing. I am thrilled that I shall be joining you twice more! This could become a tradition for my daughter and I. Happy Thanksgiving! Fay, Victoria BC
Our thanks to you and Dino for a really fun evening and cooking experience last night! The food was delicious! The fennel was my favorite, so good! It's really special that you shared your mom's recipe! I will definitely be watching your website for future classes. LeighAnne, PA
My family gathered for a virtual cooking class and birthday celebration... it was hosted by Rustico Cooking, Micol Negrin and her husband Dino De Angelis who made cooking so easy. 12 couples all worked on line to making a most amazing meal of ricotta gnocchi with sage sauce, sweet and sour fish with olives and tomatoes Sicilian style, eggplant with mint and chocolate bread pudding with whipped cream. We did it all in a mere 90 minutes. Every dish was well thought through and delicious. It was fun to cook together, eat together and celebrate together in a fun social distancing way. Bravo to Micol and Dino!Judie, Brooklyn NY
I loved every bit of it... Even with the zoom technology you maintained a serious, but personal style with all the knowledge and sharpness of thought that we value so much in your classes... Your instructions were so clear, that I didn't have any problem with anything... Of course, I learned a lot from your commentary... I liked the chat system. You handled it very well--answering questions while continuing to prepare food.Anne, The Bronx NY
I loved your class yesterday! I also love the way you teach and the simplicity of the recipes... I look forward to cooking together again.Theresa, NYC
You are still the most awesome couple... The class was fantastic, oh my, everything we have taste-tasted is really reading our palate, we can't wait for dinner. Thank you, we'll keep in touch and hopefully join you next year to cook in Italy once again.George and Jo-Ann, Victoria BC
Thank you for a phenomenal experience. Our dinner was so delicious. I will definitely sign up for more classes. My whole family enjoyed the meal. Imagine my enjoyment when after a long day of work, I was transported back to Italy to enjoy the simple pleasures in life: food, family, and wine!Connie, St. Petersburg FL
You did it again! We really enjoyed the meal and my husband wants me to cook it again. Everything was wonderful. Just like the other classes everything was easy to make with so many things already in my pantry. Lee, Long Island, NY
We all really enjoyed your meal and the preparation of it Micol. And it all tasted SOOO good! Our foodie group and my 2 guests loved everything about the class and what you offered as well as the meal they got to enjoy. Marilyn, Victoria BC
Superb food and the Zoom was exceptional... the camera work was very good. Micol you have a very good presence on screen and are very good at going with the flow. Look forward to joining you on some future classes.Bob & Sally, Westport CT
To quote my husband: "Omg this is friggin awesome". Thanks for an amazing class!!!Diane, Sandy Hook CT
We enjoyed the experience very much and the meal was delicious. We shared the extra mousse with our upstairs tenants and they were in awe. It is always a pleasure to watch you and Dino work together, you are such a great team!Neil & Judie, Brooklyn NY

many more client testimonials here...

Redeeming a Gift Certificate Towards a Virtual Class

Email us indicating the class that you want to join, and the name of the person that gave you the certificate(s). We will then email you back letting you know whether a balance is due and whether there is space in the class you want to attend. You can also call 917-602-1519 in order to redeem your gift certificate.

Please note that promotional offers do not apply on existing gift certificates; special offers are applicable to new purchases only.

About Our Culinary Tours in Italy

We take groups to Italy on week-long culinary tours to various regions. Our aim is to immerse tour participants fully in the regional cuisine, savor local specialties, meet food artisans, and learn authentic Italian cooking at our daily hands-on cooking classes. Tours focus on visiting smaller destinations, eschewing large tourist centers in favor of small gems where one can really feel part of the fabric of Italian life.

Tour dates and locations for 2021:

Puglia September 12-18, 2021
Tuscany September 26-October 2, 2021
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